LOVEly potato printed notebooks

Myself and Clara did a spot of potato printing the other day. For the week that was in it I decided on a simple heart shape. Luckily I had the right shaped cookie cutter which worked a treat in cutting the shape from the potato.

Clara worked away with her paint set and I used some tubes of acrylic paint which gave a nice textured finish. I tried several different papers but the porous quality of the old book pages seemed to work best and give the crispest finish.


The next question was what to do with 20 printed hearts? The could easily be make into cards or perhaps a nice garland but I settled on making some simple 3 hole pamphlet stitch notebooks.

How to:

I cut some pages and folded them into a small signature to make 8 leaves. I already had my heart cover paper. The only other required supplies are a needle and thread. (Waxed thread works best but isn’t essential).


Next I made a template from some scrap paper to mark where my three holes are to be made. One is in the centre and the other two placed equal distance from the centre hole. Leave a good inch at both top and bottom. The template is placed in the centre of the signature and the needle poked through to the outside of the cover paper. Now you’re ready to sew.

DSC_0219     DSC_0221     DSC_0224

Starting at the outside, bring your needle and thread through the centre hole to the inside, leaving a tail of about 2-3 inches on the outside. Bring needle up to the top hole and thread through to the outside. Bring down to the bottom hole and thread through from outside to inside. Lastly, bring needle through the centre hole from the inside to the outside. Tie a double knot to secure and trim if desired. If you’re trying for a neater look, the sewing can be started from the inside so that the knot is hidden between the pages.

DSC_0226    DSC_0227    DSC_0229

All done. You’ll find it’s quite addictive once you get started.



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